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The Effects of Catnip on Dogs. but as in humans, catnip should never be given to a pregnant dog.

OurPets tuna products are made from the highest-quality, human-grade tuna available.Catnip tea benefits are relaxation and nutrition and it is easy to prepare. How to Make Catnip Spray. Catnip:.

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Just got a cat, and the catnip spray we have makes me feel dizzy when sprayed every single time.

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The catnip itself is perfectly harmless. Can Dogs Play With Catnip Toys.

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It has very positive effects on humans and is great for fever, colic, and more.

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OurPets catnip is the result of many years of research, processing,.Catmint (Nepeta cateria), also commonly referred to as catnip and catswort, is an herb well known for its popularity and effects on cats.All of the essential oils that are in this natural tick repellent spray are on.

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Scientific reason why cats act different to catnip, what is catnip, and how to give catnip to cat, reactions to catnip, can humans have catnip.

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Kong Naturals Catnip Spray was the only one that both smelled strong to our human testers and was.

Just got a cat, and the catnip spray we have makes me feel

Browse our selection of catnip plants, sprays, treats as well as dried organic catnip here.

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Catnip is a favorite of cats, of course, but it also makes a nice ground cover if you choose the right type.Using the spray may not produce a better or different reaction than using actual catnip, but it should be at least as effective.

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Catnip and Your Cats: Everything You Need to. used as an herbal treatment for humans. kick with his hind legs in his hyper catnip state.However, technically YES, cats can overdose on catnip, if by that we mean they can get sick.Catnip (one of the common names of this plant) has many effects on our domestic cats, most of them exciting, but it has actually many beneficial properties on humans.

Liquid catnip spray is catnip oil combined with water to create a potent, fragrant spray.Catnip Wards Off Mosquitoes and Ticks. I work at a pet store and we sell catnip oil in a small spray.

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When used medicinally for human consumption, the leaves of the catnip more than any other part of the plant is typically employed.

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There is little clinical data to support any use of catnip in humans, except as an insect repellant.

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Meowijuana Catnip Spray. leaving behind him a trail of green debris and an overstimulated human.Natural Mosquito Repellents. Catnip. (Human) Uses for Catnip. Eucalyptus oil or spray or eucalyptus cream is the no 1 thing to use to keep mosquitoes away.

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Herbal Uses for Catnip. an essential oil blend of the same herbs I use in my herbal bug spray,.

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Here is a list of just a few I could find around the internet, some for you and some for your feline friends.

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